We have all experienced wounds of some sort. Some wounds, you look at that scar and it’s a reminder of that great battle you have overcome. Some wounds were quickly healed with a band-aid; and some wounds are buried under all kinds of scar tissue. The slightest touch reminds us of that pain we want so bad to forget; so we keep it out of sight, out of mind. No big deal! Right?! As long as the wounds are kept untouched we can move on. Can we?!?!

Wounds come in different forms. It can be either a broken-heart, betrayal, abandonment or even a loss. We all process things differently. Time is different for us all! I’m not gonna tell you that a certain amount of time will heal you. What I will say is this; I know who can give us true peace and healing if we let Him. His name is Jesus.

I’ve tried my own ideas of being healed from hurt, and still feel the sting from them, and end up right back to more pain. On the other side of the coin I also know how free I felt to finally be healed. I reached a final point in my life and said; “Lord, have your way with my life!” I let Him heal me! {Psalm 147:3} says; “He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.”

When I made that beautiful decision- from that point on, all I could do was take one step at a time. Through my healing process most of my daily prayers were asking God to get me through the day. There were some days that were harder, and I had to ask God to get me through each hour throughout that day. I had this complete dependency on God.

Without realizing it, God was healing me and I was learning to trust Him as He was coming through for me. So much healing was taking place; I was allowing my heart to become a heart of flesh (Ezekiel 36:26). I found myself asking God for things such as; patience, acts of kindness, to honor my parents and much more. I was becoming a new person and I hadn’t realized it till the Holy Spirit revealed it to me.

We can live life with so much freedom; if we allow God to bring the healing He so desires to give us. He doesn’t want us following Him with a divided heart that’s filled with trust issues and pain. I urge you to let Him take those hurts and pains from you; and give you His heart that is filled with LOVE, forgiveness, and peace.

One thing we should keep in mind is that everyone’s healing process is different. We shouldn’t ever try to put a time limit on God or ourselves. True healing takes time. Not only does our heart become healed but so do our emotions. If you have trust issues; they can be mended by the gentle love of our Father in heaven. He is a gentleman and will not force anything upon us. It has to start with a willingness to let Him come alongside us. It may even be just to sit with us and be still. Whatever it is; it’s worth it! Invite Him to come sit beside you. The Holy Spirit will quicken to you. How, where, and even when you start; I’m certain that this will be a choice you won’t regret. Who doesn’t want true peace and healing?!

May you find the desire to seek healing from the only one who can bring us TRUE PEACE. This love is real! Don’t wait another day! Praying for your healing today.

Rest in Him friend,

With love,
Rosie Hernandez

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